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When will the 31st Avenue SE project be built?
The construction bid on the project was awarded to Wagner Construction in December 2019 with construction to begin in spring 2020, and work to be substantially complete by the end of October 2020.
Will 31st Avenue SE remain open to traffic during construction?
Yes and No! Segments of 31st Ave. SE will be closed during construction with access provided by side streets for the residents that live along 31st Ave. SE. Temporary routes will also be used during construction to provide access to and from certain neighborhoods. The contractor will be responsible for maintaining these temporary routes. Residents should plan for some delays during construction.
Where will through traffic be asked to go during construction?
Through traffic will likely use 37th Ave. SE and 13th St. SE during construction. No signed or designated detour route is scheduled to be part of the project.
What exactly are the improvements going to be to this area?
The scheduled improvements include making a nearly one-mile stretch of 31st Ave. SE a three-lane urban road (from Broadway to 13th St. SE). This will look and feel very similar to the improvements made to 37th Ave. SE a few years ago. There will be curb and gutter along the entire road, and storm water inlets will be installed. As well, water drainage will be improved throughout the corridor, intersections will be made ADA compliant and the walking path will be improved. The proposed road will be concrete, as this route is designated as an urban arterial roadway.
Are there any plans to phase in the work so that the whole road isn’t under construction at the same time?  
Guidance will be given in the construction specifications for the contractor on areas that have to be completed under specific timelines and areas that need to be done prior to working on other segments.
Will you need additional easements from my property?
Yes, depending on your location along the corridor, it is possible that additional strips of easements and/or right of way may be needed to construct this project. The project team finalized these easement needs during the design process.
How will this project be funded?
The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) and the City of Minot are combining funding sources to make this needed road improvement. NDDOT funds will come from the Urban Roads Program, and they are obligated up a maximum of just over $6.9 million (not to exceed approximately 81% of federally eligible costs). A portion of the City’s share is coming from state oil and gas impact funds, while a portion of what remains will likely come from reserve accounts and levy funds. There is no plan to pay for this project with special assessments.
How can I stay up to date during construction?
There will be bi-weekly public meetings after construction begins, and project updates will be posted to the following locations: You can also sign up to receive weekly email updates during construction – by signing up for the newsletter hosted through the Minot Roads website. There is also a designated Public Information Coordinator, Brekka Kramer, available during design and construction to address specific issues and communication needs. Brekka can be reached at 857-7205 or

Questions brought up during or after the Public Input Meeting
Will 31st Ave. SE be straightened out any?
The new alignment that is being proposed for 31st Ave. SE will be very similar to what is existing today. There is not enough right of way to make major changes to the alignment.
Regarding the intersection of 31st Ave. and Broadway: Coming from the west, is it being considered to provide a protected right-turn lane, a through lane, and a protected left-turn lane to better coincide with the opposite side of the intersection?
Yes, signal modifications to implement protected/permitted left-turn phasing in the eastbound and westbound direction at this intersection are recommended improvements in both the Minot Transportation Plan and the Traffic Operations Report for this project.
Can the bike path on the north side by switched to a softer material, other than concrete/asphalt?
The primary design consideration to switch from concrete to asphalt would be cost. Asphalt is less expensive upfront but has a higher maintenance cost over time. Concrete does have a longer life cycle and is less expensive to maintain over its life. This is why all sidewalks in Minot are concrete. All of the City of Minot’s new paths are concrete for these reasons as well.
How does the snow removal work at the proposed roundabout?
Snow removal on a roundabout is handled from the inside out and pushed away from the center of the roundabout. Other parts of the state, like the Fargo region, have installed roundabouts and properly removed snow from inside them for years.
Can the project be completed in one construction season?
Yes, at this time the engineering team is confident the project can be completed in one construction season. It will be a busy season, but it can be done. As with nearly all projects of this size, there will most likely be minimal work the following construction season to address any minor items that are left over from the previous construction season. 
With the proposed upgrades to water drainage fields, putting a lot of water into one spot on Puppy Dog Coulee (at 6th St. SE), do you anticipate any problems with drainage?
We don’t anticipate any issues with draining 31st Ave. SE into one location on Puppy Dog Coulee. Models show that Puppy Dog Coulee has enough capacity. The water from 31st Ave. SE will reach the coulee and be well downstream before the much larger flow from the much larger contributing areas upstream of 31st Ave. SW reach this area of Puppy Dog Coulee. The storm water will not have an impact on the high-water elevation of Puppy Dog Coulee in a major rain event.
Can there be sidewalks and lighting added on 6th St. SE?
Adding sidewalks and lighting along 6th St. SE is out of the scope of this project - sorry!
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