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Intersection at South Broadway and 31st Avenue Southeast Now Open

November 5, 2020
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Brekka Kramer, Public Information Coordinator
Minot 31st Avenue Southeast Construction Project
Intersection at South Broadway and 31st Avenue Southeast Now Open
The Minot 31st Avenue SE Project work is coming to an end for this construction season. As crews work to open access for the winter months, the intersection of South Broadway and 31st Avenue Southeast is now open to traffic. 
One of the most visible improvements that resulted from this project is at the intersection of 31st Avenue Southeast and 13th Street Southeast. This is the intersection where the first roundabout in Minot is located. The project also made improvements with curb and gutter and storm water inlet installation along the entire road. As well, water drainage has been improved throughout the corridor, intersections are now ADA compliant and improvements were made to the walking path. Remaining concrete and landscaping work are set to be finished in the spring of 2021.
“The improvements from this project converted the former two-lane rural roadway into an urban three-lane street, which has increased capacity while providing a safe and functional roadway for the traveling public,” said City Engineer Lance Meyer. “Already we’ve received positive feedback on the flow of traffic with the addition of the roundabout and improvements made for pedestrians.”
“We are committed to completing the 31st Avenue project the spring of 2021. Thank you to all the residents and businesses who were impacted by construction this season for your patience and for traveling safely through the construction zone,” Josh Olson, Apex Engineering Group added. “Being a part of the team to bring Minot its first roundabout is exciting, especially knowing the improvements made through this project will benefit the Minot area for years to come.”
Visit the project website at for more information including status reports and project updates.
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